BE Torquay Terms and Conditions.


1. Suppliers agree to represent their business accurately and honestly in their listing on BE Torquay.

2. Suppliers are to respond to requests for proposal or questions from bookers within 24 hours. This includes if they are unable to book a client due to full calendars, limited capacities or block out dates.

3. Suppliers will notify BE Torquay of any successful conversion and agree to pay a 10% commission on the final sum invoiced to their client

4. Suppliers to ensure they own the copyright of all images they use to promote their businesses.

5. Suppliers to have current public liability insurance with a minimum of $10,000,000 coverage

6. Suppliers to notify BE Torquay, remove or edit their listings in the event of major changes in their businesses. This includes name changes, business closures, or merges with other suppliers on BE Torquay.

BE Torquay:

  1. BE Torquay will forward all requests for proposals to relevant suppliers in a prompt and timely manner.

2.   BE Torquay reserves the right to remove listings if suppliers do not respond to enquiries in a prompt and professional manner or if suppliers receive poor reviews from clients.

3.   BE Torquay to send commission invoices one week after the event date with a due date of 15 days.

4.  BE Torquay reserves the right to remove listings for non-payment of invoices, or inaccurate declarations of monies received from their clients.